Purification Technologies

Photo by Leandra DumanskiThere is growing concern about the safety and quality of water. Water treatment is energy demanding. Water purification is expensive, time-consuming and demands a complicated mix of technologies in order to provide the required assurances of safety and efficacy.

EcoVu’s patented, single-step technology overcomes these problems while providing dramatically advanced capabilities for ultra-pure water. It is the most efficient way to eliminate a wide range of the total dissolved materials in water including contaminants such as micro-organisms, organics, metals and EDCs (Endocrine Disruptor Compounds). With EcoVu’s platform chemistry, customers can boost their levels of water purity by 100 times or more, to produce premium quality water more economically. Most importantly, is the peace-of-mind assurance that, regardless of its use, EcoVu-produced water is safe and clean.

EcoVu’s early market focus is on pre-treatment applications for power generation, industrial internal process waters and contaminated water cleanup.