Analytical Technologies

The collection of trace and ultra-trace contaminants in water usually employs an initial step of "pre-concentration". This pre-concentration process increases the concentration of the contaminants, above the detection limit of the chosen detector.

When contaminants are present in very low concentrations (ultra-trace), standard technologies become increasingly inefficient. The two standard pre-concentration technologies are:

1) Filtration, based on physical trapping of particulate analytes in inert porous barriers
2) Adsorption, based on surface adhesion of analytes onto chemically activated "stationary phases".

EcoVu's trapping technology replaces both of these pre-concentration methods with an exceptionally efficient "chemical trapping" medium which chemically bonds and traps the small particles that stay suspended. In some instances this can be as much as 1000 times more efficient. EcoVu successfully captures and concentrates the ultra trace-level contaminants where the current state of the art fails.

EcoVu is also unique in that its novel chemical trapping process can be used for both purification and analysis.