There is a growing need for low cost and efficient water purification strategies.

Water is the most precious natural resource on earth and serves as an essential element for all life on the planet. Despite this fact, the quality of our water is deteriorating and under increasing threat. This has created a need for continual testing of water supplies to ensure only healthy water is consumed. For some applications current water testing methods are unsatisfactory. They have not kept pace with the need for rapid, accurate tests that detect a growing list of contaminants.

This demand for reliable monitoring of our water continues to increase as rules and regulations become more stringent. EcoVu's patented, sophisticated product portfolio sets new standards for contaminant detection and water purification, providing dramatically advanced capabilities for ultra-pure water.

EcoVu offers unique value to its clients through their ability to both measure and manage water while ensuring that EcoVu-produced water is safe and clean.

Our business is cleaning water.